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MetaWeb3Pad focuses on Utility and Community-driven initiatives. Our Web3 Investor/Developer tools marry consumer needs with pragmatic solutions.

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About Us

MetaWeb3Pad aims to help in building future-oriented projects by offering state-of-the-art solutions from the world of Web3, such as, among others, launchpad, creation of smart-contracts, utility for NFT projects and much more.

Future-Oriented Solutions
Safety For Our Investors
Full Decentralization Of Products
Thorough Support For Projects

NFT Collection

Key Points

SAFU Launchpad

Our token's Smart Contract was fully written by @ARRNAYA and meets all PinkSale requirements for SAFU projects, i.e. those that are completely safe for investors. You can read more about SAFU requirements here.

CoinScope Audit

Smart-Contract has been fully audited in every technical aspect by the CoinScope - company experienced in the world of DeFi, so we are sure of the security and functionality of our token contract.

Development Team

We work with experienced Front-end and Back-end developers, thanks to which we are able to implement any technical objective we deem valuable. Our developers will meet any challenge and we are no strangers to anything!

KYC Certificate

In order to fully protect our investors against any inconvenience, we have decided to undergo KYC verification by CoinScope. We passed the KYC procedure with flying colours and received a certificate confirming the verification.

0% Tax

We do not charge transaction taxes. That positively influences project development and its adoption by the community. By operating in this manner we are also a tasty morsel for larger investors and investment funds!


MetaWeb3Pad will be fully based on delivering real utility, thanks to which it will gain more and more value and recognition in the world of Web3 day by day. As a beginning, we already provide Staking, which is fully ready for use!


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Establishing preliminary assumptions
Work on project branding
Creation of the Smart Contract and tests on it
Smart contract audit
Creation of social networks: Twitter & Telegram
Whitepaper preparation
Website launch
Staking application launch
Marketing campaign before the start
Collaboration with many groups and influencers
Launch of Fair Launch on Pinksale
PancakeSwap Listing
Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
AMAs on many well-known groups
Target: $3M Marketcap
YouTube Marketing
First CEX listing
PooCoin and CoinZilla Ads
Dextools Ads
DApp Launchpad
Marketing with Instagram stars
Billboards marketing
Another wave of marketing on Twitter / Telegram
Implementation of P2E game
Mainstream Marketing
First live conference
Next CEX listing
Target: $100M Marketcap

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Answers to commonly asked questions, if you have
more questions, we will be happy to answer them!

What does it mean that the project is SAFU? arrow

SAFU badge is intended only for these projects whose smart-contract cannot be manipulated by the developer to the detriment of investors. The developer cannot block the sale for investors, cannot set taxes higher than 24% and much more. It is completely safe for investors who value their investments. Our Smart-Contract was written by the famous developer @ARRNAYA, who works with Pinksale.

Why don't you charge any taxes from transactions? arrow

We do not charge transaction taxes, because that positively influences project development and its adoption by the community. By operating in this manner we are also a tasty morsel for larger investors and investment funds!

Is the Team KYC? arrow

Yes! We are fully verified and we are responsible for the project from the legal side.

How can I buy $METAWEB3PAD? arrow

You can buy $METAWEB3PAD on PancakeSwap.